Welcome Pack

The Rendah Mag 'Dominion' is our hybrid subscription-service.

With so much happening right now, we want to push our platform into new territory, offering a new way for people to explore the landscape of underground music, art, and technology.

We offer the following:

  • 3 x Printed magazines per year (Free Global Shipping)
  • A Welcome package
  • Access to subscriber-only articles
  • Digital access to ALL previous prints
  • Discount on all upcoming merch

Our mission with this project is to present something new and exciting for the community in the hope that we can truly bring something of value to artists and listeners alike. We hope you can join us.


When do I get my first printed mag?
Free shipping?
How do I access the digital content?
Who is the Dominion aimed at?
Can I cancel whenever?
Why not Patreon?