A look at yunis' Depth EP on MethLab

Pierre Collie |

German beatsmith yunis lands a new EP on Methlab Recordings, perfectly fitting the thought-provoking and gloomy sonics of the label.

With previous releases on SATURATE!, [sus] collective, Trap 93, Neosignal Recordings and Mad Lab to name a few, yunis manages to mix beat-driven elements with bass music weight, always with a splash of atmosphere. The EP features 6 tracks, of which two are collaborations with Subp Yao and Rohaan respectively, let's get into it.


The first track sparks off in a textured fashion, rapidly dropping into wailing synths and basslines with a subtle middle-eastern quality. Throughout the course of the track, melancholic elements add extra spice to the beat alongside some extra crunchy layers, vocal samples and bleeps which fill the sonic palette of the track until it subsides into some subtle keys - A great start to intrigue the listener.


Swell, a more right-down straight halftime banger. More crunchy drums, lo-fi textures and a distinguishable bass sound. The fun interaction between the elements and well-composed rhythm make it a smooth listening experience.

One (With Subp Yao)

Lofi growls and industrial textures set the tone for this heavy track. A drop which continues the industrial taste in a percussive fashion. A bass which delivers a moody groove and the swung lead gives the track an unnerving feel. Further into the track, heavy atmosphere and bass shots fill the track, with pitch-drops and distorted sounds. 808 fans will rejoice.


This track is really something else... yunis plays with a soulful vocal sample, organic drums and a (trap)wave groove, something out of a movie. The whole atmosphere of it is indeed seducing. yunis certainly knows how to smith a very well balanced composition.

Granite (With Rohaan)

'Granite', the most melodic track on this EP, has a quite familiar, old-school vibe delivered in a tasteful, new way. The track brings a bit of fresh air with lush synths, cute arpeggios and a cool groove.


Here the EP delivers us the deeper side of halftime. The beat feels slung and more monolithic, starting off with a mysterious atmosphere brought by some middle-eastern instrumentation. Following the drop, other elements add to the atmosphere and the bassline furthers the heavy groove.


The 'Depth EP' confirms that yunis is a talented producer and not to be pigeonholed in one small niche of bass music. It adds to the diversity of Methlab Recordings' catalog. If you're looking for depth in heavy bass music, be sure to grab this one.

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