Thenticy's Top 5 most influential Halftime Beats

Kieran May |

The Halftime & 'Beats' scene has been thriving with new music from across the globe for a number of recent years, taking heavy elements from Hip hop, footwork, jungle and drum & bass.

The sound that makes up Halftime is always changing with many new and upcoming producers creating tracks around 80-85bpm.

Here's a top 5 list of Halftime D&B tunes that are (a small few of) the most interesting & influential pieces of audio within the halftime scene.

5. TMSV - Doom Clone (Perfect Records)

Huge one from TMSV. Guy has been holding down some weight over the years, releasing both technical sub-heavy 140 and 80/85bpm halftime heaters. This particular tune is a prime example of the different elements TMSV takes from old-school dubstep and D&B to demonstrate his very technical sound.

4. Stray - Matchsticks (Exit Records)

That catchy ass melody. If you’ve heard this one at a venue, you know it goes off. Ivy Lab member Stray can do no wrong with any release of his, including this particular tune that has a heavy influenced hip-hop approach to halftime. With It’s skippy drums and catchy melody, it never fails to make crowds jam

3. Alix Perez - Understand (Bandcamp)

One of the most influential artists within halftime and any genre he experiments with for that matter, Perez blow us away once again with this hip-hop infused dancefloor killer. This release showed us a new side to perez, and a new sound. He is, and will stay one of the main influences in the halftime and D&B scene.

2. Posij - Train (MTA)

Little words I can say for this release from multi-genre groningen producer Posij. With the distorted, gritty bass notes and hard hitting lead sample, this has to be one of my personal favourites on this list. Halftime gets a taste of posij with his heavy yet musical signature.

1. Amit - Killer Driller (Metalheadz)

Legendary Amit takes the top spot with this classic. Releasing on Metal headz, Commercial Suicide and Exit, he was one of the first of many to start writing D&B tunes in Half time. Amit was a large influence to many producers wanting to create something new within D&B and has continued to do so for over half a decade.

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