Premiere: Sun People brings lush ambient jungle vibes

PremieresWritten by Umut Avialan on

Bringing lush ambient jungle vibes, Sun People returns to Germany-based outfit Defrostatica Records. Fusing dub, bleep and even industrial influences, his 'Into The New EP' drops on October 21st.

Hailing from Graz, Austria, Simon Hafner aka Sun People is known for his fusion of footwork, jungle, juke and UK hardcore. Since starting out in 2011, Hafner released on Exit, Alphacut, and Rua Sound amongst others. Additionally, he 'also pursues his musically eclectic vision' with a renowned radio show on Sub. FM. With refined sound for 2022, the year sees him return to Defrostatica after 'The Walls' two years earlier.

Defrostatica Records is a record label based in Leipzig, Germany. With a focus on blurring the lines between conventional concepts of their influences, they publish a mixture of Jungle, Footwork, Juke and Drum & Bass. Rocking an international artist roster, Defrostatica has released music by HomeSick, Greazus and Sinistarr amongst many more.

'Amaterasu' draws from its lush ambient jungle focus and stripped-back, unique grooves. Personally, this washes away grey autumn clouds with ease.

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