Premiere: Spectre lands on SUDO SOUND

PremieresWritten by Daniel Aagentah on

Coming on SUDO Sound, the rising artist that is Spectre blesses us with a fresh new EP titled 'That's Nice'. The release explores a euphoric deep-dive into the 140 sound as a prominent 4-tracker for the imprint.

Today's premiere is titled Tektura, going deep in the tempo with some ambiguous vox-samples, deep-cut LFO subs, and nostalgic pad hits. At first glance, the track feels quite mellow, but as you get into it—you can appreciate that it would work quite well in a dancefloor setting.

It's exciting to see this release taking fruition, as a great EP for both parties. The whole release drops on the 3rd of June, and will be available here.

Mission Statement

This project is crafted to be open and collaborative. Through this, we seek to explore core themes within a structured framework:

  • Symbiosis: Can artists and communities have better relations?
  • Meaning: What matters in pursuing and preserving artistic influences?
  • Intersectivity: Are there chartable commonalities within art and technology?

By asking questions, we hope to observe something new; and with that, offer our own perspective.

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