Discussing the PREVALE V.A. fundraiser compilation

Pierre Collie |

Aside from providing refreshing left-field music, this release was also set up as a fundraiser for Austrian producer Voljum, to help him get a new laptop, continue pursuing his career and share his talent with the world.

VALE blesses us with a new various artists compilation aptly called ‘PREVALE’. The label continues it's high-quality output with this compilation. It compromises not only a varied palette of genres, but also of styles. Let's get into it...

Uprising - Optional

Straight from down-under, Uprising blesses us with another innovative track. Building up with oriental vibes, a vocal sample dropping into the track merging halftime with glitch-hop elements. It halts into an unexpected section full of delightful textures, invoking a mysterious vibe. The tune ebbs back to the drop section, introducing variation. Finally, this awesome piece of music gets flipped into an intensifying outro, a damn great opener!

KLIINE - 1's & 0's

Orlando producers KLIINE deliver an exquisite hip-hop-jazz fusion. It flows organically with sampled guitars & bass. Really, the usage of the live instruments brings the track to another level. The drop adds a neuro bass to the mix, which blends surprisingly well, bringing the ‘neuro’ in Neurohop. Not that 110 BPM craze from years ago, but a very refreshing take.

KEOTA - Lunch Breaks

US bass ace KEOTA brings something different to the table. This packs a lot of energy and flows so easily. It’s an awesome take on breaks and KEOTA made sure it sounds fresh. The really nice thing is that the track doesn’t focus on a drop arrangement but maintains a perfect flow. It's quite a feat to keep the music interesting without relying on build-ups and breakdowns to regulate the intensity of the track. Clearly this track is a real slapper and we want more of it. 

Poztman - Melanochrysm

Reviewing my own work doesn’t seem fair, at least not objectively. Cool fact: It’s an old track that I envisioned as the opening track for a secret project, but it felt out of place as that project grew further. It’s less textured than my recent work and my first serious attempt to work with vocal samples. Another fun fact: Melanochrysm means ‘gold and black’ and apparently also is a species of plant.

Mind - Lesser Known Path

Mind channels his inner-neuro mastery in a halftime banger. Invoking an unwelcoming and industrial scape, the intro develops into a moody drop fusing halftime and neurofunk: Modulated basslines and textured percussion create a weighty but delicately crafted whole. As any good neuro track, melodic elements enhance the ambiance. The second drop only intensifies and adds a good amount of variation. Even the outro leaves a menacing tone.

K-ro - Omen Revival

US producer K-ro crafts a surprising track fusing diverse elements in an elegant fashion. The intro sparks off in a textured build-up with a distinct lo-fi feel. The drop crashes into a very funky groove with distorted basslines. The sound design, pace, and arrangement feel very clever and refreshing. The more mellow break keeps adding elements until it lands in the second drop which overhauls the original elements and arrangement. This tune is funky as hell and will make you dance.

Artsever - Greatness

Russian producer Artsever wreaks havoc with this tune that has a quiet ‘metal’ distinction. Not because of certain sample usage, but in attitude in it's heaviness. A cinematic intro sets the dark tone and leads to a drop reminiscent of Broken Note. Percussion, leads and basses sound tortured, especially the hats and cymbals give it a sharp and unforgiving tone. The weight of the track is not overdone, as it’s intensified by the rather sparse intro and break. Artsever shows he does heavy well. 

Avum x Invizi - Black Sun

Irish producers Avum, and Norse producer Invizi team up for an emotionally dense tune. Both producers are known (at least should be) for their work with Assemblyline collective and for their wistful productions. This track builds up effortlessly and organically conveys a melancholic feel. The elements are detailed and well-used, especially the call and response between the string instrument (sounds like a guitar, but my guess it is synthesized) and the reese bass. Blending sound design and emotional depth can be overdone, but the collaborators managed to deliver it in the best way possible. 

Aagentah - 9th

Rendah-founder gets the ball rolling with a delightful and gloomy track. A textured and eerie intro, followed by a spooky vocal sample paves a way for a low-slung drop. The beat has a distinct dubstep groove but with textured drums and lovely glitches. Every element seems to add to the tortured and otherworldly tension of the track, without getting over the top. The break adds ghostly drones and noises to the mix, which continues to add variation throughout the second drop.

Chrizpy Chriz - Hatch

Bass heavyweight Chrizpy Chriz is here again with another halftime banger. Wailing siren-like sounds forebode a frantic drop that is still bass-heavy but where the siren-like lead truly takes the lead (sorry for the pun). Reeses and percussive elements add subtle variation. Chriz keeps a delirious momentum through the track. It has some formulaic characteristics but it does what it promises: being a heavy track with a twisted take.

Smol - Main Squeeze

Smol contributes a very refreshing DnB banger. It’s fluent, gracious but also detailed and quite heavy too. The intro already hints at a mix of liquid soul and neuro bass modulated like hell. The drop continues that great balance of soulful liquid vibes and heavy neuro, both adding to the contrast and enforcing each other. That combination enforces the impact, not making it a heavy track for the sake of it. The second drop does the same but still flips enough elements to keep the momentum going. 

Hullabalo0 - Coolio

Psychedelic Glitch maestro Hullabalo0 delivers another wonky production. It’s quite minimal, without losing that glitchy and Tipperesque quality and focuses predominantly on percussive elements, with hints of atmosphere. Basslines enforce the rhythmic notion and FX’s further the track’s momentum, adding atmosphere until it ends in a bittersweet section on the piano and bringing the track to a ghostly end.

Wessanders - Shwarmup

US producers Wessanders don’t hold back in this track. Drums immediately set the tone for a fast-paced halftime stomper with enough wonk to keep things interesting. Leads and basslines interchange each other to drive the track. Wessander manages to effortlessly progress the track while adding small variation to hold the listener’s ear, with the help of fills, switches and mainly the melodic elements.

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