Malakai’s ‘Odd Views’ EP on The Rust Music

Kieran May |

More than two years after first releasing with The Rust Music, Malakai is back on the label to show off his ‘Odd Views’ EP, which features two collaborations from Denver based producers pheel, Thought Process, and with cuts from Bogtrotter.

On these four tracks, it’s aparent that the New York CIty based-beatsmith has made a drastic improvement in his sound design and melody choice, giving us something a little more urban. Let's get into it.

Odd Views

This mystical track opens with some beautiful instrumentation and great spacey synth work. The track’s constant progression in melody & pad-work kept me on my toes wanting more, varying from the funkadelic sounds of the slap bass to the huge phasey synth throughout. My personal favourite from the EP and an unquestionable set opener I’ll be using in any future sets for sure.

Iota (w/ Thought Process)

Iota is a dark, grainy tune with plenty of modular blips and boops. Firstly introduced by the gritty neuro bass synths, Iota ascends into a melodic and spacey tune with Malakai’s signature hard hitting drums. The track also feels noticeably syncopated which adds to the overall vibe and feel. Great sound design and a high energy collaboration overall.


Ism adopts a slightly more chilled approach with it’s drum design and dreamy-like synths. The acoustic off-beat drums blended with old samples is also not unexpected from New York’s Malakai which is perfectly executed.

Eldin (w/ pheel.)

Eldin, the fourth track from the EP starts off with an eerie lead melody which descends throughout the track into deep, growly basses. I’m a fan of the percussion we’re introduced to here as the tune progresses into a spacious collection of glitchy effects and jitters. I Can definitely hear some IDM influences in there too! Great work from these two to lock off the EP.

All composition, production and instrumentation by Malakai Linden.

Iota co-produced by Thought Process

Ism scratching by Bogtrotter

Eldin co-produced by Pheel.

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