Lynch Kingsley - Astral Pulse / Capricorn (Foxy 5)

Arun Chakal |

Foxy Jangle brings back the junglist fever with Foxy 5, delivered by none other than Lynch Kingsley. Our Arun Chakal shares his thoughts.

Foxy Jangle, the junglist offshoot of the esteemed 160 tastemakers Rua Sound has been consistently delivering top-notch releases from contemporary breakbeat badboys such as Sully, Kid Lib and Tim Reaper. The icing on the cake was Foxy 4, a repress of the highly sought after 1995 release, Pow/Thunder by Bones and Natty.

Foxy 5 has been cooked up by Lynch Kingsley, an artist who has previously released on Rua Sound with the EchoSystem EP in 2018. Lynch has once again displayed an ineffable ability to create a mix of delicate and raw sonics with his 2 track EP spanning 15 minutes of play time. Whether it be a rinse out or an introspective wig-out, Lynch adds such depth, with well picked cinematic tones and precise drum programming, that in no way lacks the ruff 'n tuff junglist attitude.

Capricorn rolls out with syncopated bongos, followed by vigorous Amen and Plastic jam edits. The progression from sweeping, almost-dissonant, pads to stuttered female vocals and melodic pads is cathartic and feels like a representation of inner conflict; a theme Lynch has previously discussed and conveyed through his music.

Astral Pulse is a deeply emotive stepper with the essence of jazz, funk and soul at the very heart of it, also sporting shuffling layers of apache, think and soul pride. From the outset there’s a lighter feel with dreamy pads, celestial FX, delicate rolls and luscious saxophone licks. This accompanied with mesmerising vocals and snippets of James Brown amongst the breakbeat menagerie, is capable of moving your body and provoking your thoughts simultaneously.

On the whole this EP might be a touch darker than what Foxy has ventured into before, which is perhaps one of the best things about it. Lynch pours his soul into his music, creating a narrative that resonates with listeners and is a natural progression to the narrative of whichever label he releases on.

Foxy 5 is out now on vinyl and in digital formats.

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