Jon1st & Shield Present Their Untouchable ‘Flapjacks’ EP

Kieran May |

Here at Rendah Mag, We are no strangers to the work of Jon1st & Shield. In recent years, these two madmen have been crushing the scene with their incredible live performances, and doing so have worked up quite the reputation.

Back in June, we covered some of their antics when they fashionably showcased Pioneer DJ’s Toraiz range with some crazy scratching/beat-pad action.

So whilst finally seeing an EP from the duo is no surprise, we couldn't be more excited. Let's get into this...


Onsen is a wonderful 80 bpm jam that has to be my favourite from the EP. We’re introduced to some beautiful textures in the intro with the combination of the chords and the main hook creating an exciting space. I really like the acoustic mid-low end kinda feel the bass has as it drops in making the track have that extra element of real world instrumentation. Onsen is a superb blend of these two artists’ melodic & hard hitting styles.


Their title track ‘Flapjacks’ is a certified heavy hitter. The scratch fx lead is definitely an unusual and quite exciting part of the track that threw me off when taking a first listen. I also can’t forget to mention them very well designed sub/mid basses that increasingly gets more aggressive sounding towards the end of the track. One for the systems.

Crates feat. Miranda Booth

Great wobbly 140 bpm piece of audio from these two. ‘Crates’ presents a fast moving, high energy record that experiments with traditional dubstep sounding synths and broken up breaks. Production value 10/10 as usual.


Scatter is a beautiful, experimental dubstep track to tie up the release nicely. This one definitely has an old-school vibe to it with the swinging drum patterns contrasting with some wicked delays and textures. Could not ask for anything more or less from Jon1st & Shield. Awesome EP pushing the boundaries of their styles and quite possibly one of the best releases to come out this year.

An amazing overall release. We’re excited to see what the fufure holds for this iconic duo.

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