Hypho on Manuka, the 'Encoded EP', and plans for the future

Dan Jones |

A man who has been pushing a unique sound in Manchester for some years. When discussing forward-thinking bass music, Hypho is certainly a name to mention. We had a catch up about the year he's had, and delve into his backstory and plans for the future.

Hypho! Good to do this man, I've been closely following your movements this year. So first off, tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been in the game?

Hello there gang! I’m Louis Richardson a 25 year old producer from Carlisle, Cumbria who started the 'Hypho' project in Manchester whilst at university in 2013. I’ve always delved into the deeper and more experimental side of music and started the project as sheer fun! Luckily it’s been an amazing journey allowing me to work with some great artists and also play oversea’s in some beautiful places!

Manuka seems to be taking off for sure, much respect for people running multiple hustles - how do you find managing the different aspects of your life?

Thankyou, it’s always great to hear and outside view and kind words! Manuka started because I wanted to to showcase some of my favourite artists which has been very natural and fun! I couldn’t of done it without my partner Amadeo Sanchez (Xakra), we work really well together and have had a blast finding new music to release. I struggle a lot with anxiety so it’s been hard to juggle so many projects but I believe music is my genuine love so without it I’d be lost haha!

That's cool, I was actually chatting with Amadeo last night, humble guy. So... Encoded EP with Biome! I can't wait to hear this, how did this come to be?

During Manchester I became friends with Biome, and of course I already knew who he was in the music game as he’s a dubstep Don! But we came together one night to make tunes and we decided to make an EP in the style of 130!

2020 is closing in... What's up next for Hypho?

Recently had a vinyl release on Von D’s ‘Dubs Galore’ and I also have a vinyl release coming on Encrypted Audio before the years out, also a debut EP on CNCPT Collective who are based in Bristol and also my EP with Biome is out on the 18th of November. 

Can't wait to hear each track! Hard work is paying off for you, any tips for new/up & coming producers in the game?

If you start to stress over not doing certain things, just sit back and think back to why you actually do what you do! Also I’d step away from social media as you can start to compare yourself with other artists, which isn’t healthy! By most of all have fun and be kind to yourself!

Blessed, any artists you're feeling right now?

Biome, cartridge, sleeper, SUMGii, malenga sound, pluralist, Somah, Von D, Argo, ColtCuts, Abstrakt Sonance and OldGold to name a few ♥️

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