A look at Hybris' latest single

Pierre Collie |

Hybris delivers us a new single on his left-field outlet, Pseudoscience Recordings. The sixth installation packs two drum and bass tracks, both flavored by the Czech-based sonic experimenter.

Although not as wild as previous entries on the label, the tracks hold enough freshness to be distinguished from the crowded DnB world.

It could remind you of some of Hybris' rollers on his Emergence LP or works on Dispatch Recordings. The release is sure to charm your inner junglist.

Talking length, the tracks lean to the longer side; Between 5 and 6 minutes. Nothing unusual for DnB.

Big Wig

This track is a straight dancehall roller. Thumping kick and snare, rising reese and good use of the 'Think' break; this track packs a punch.

It has a recognizable feel - even classic maybe - without being boring or stale. The basses have a 'plastic' quality but in the best way possible. It constantly evolves, warps in waveforms and delightfully phases in a frenetic fashion.

Mr. Tangles

The b-side of the single travels moody territory. An unnerved techy stepper featuring the weird blips and bloops only Hybris can pull off. It starts with quiet chime-like pads building up to a cinematic landscape, quickly enhanced by a well-performed high-pitched snare break. This track shouldn't be an earworm on a musical level, but sure succeeds to engage the listener.


The great thing about Pseudoscience Recordings is that it doesn’t rely on hype, you know the music will be weird but still... strangely fit for dancing and skanking. This release sways on the safer side of the experimental label, although it still manages to engage the listener without gimmicks or cheap tricks. You won’t regret rinsing these tracks a number of times.

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