Premiere: HomeSick bolts his way back to Defrostatica

PremieresWritten by Umut Avialan on

Canadian beatsmith HomeSick is back on Defrostatica Records with 'Bolt'. Dropping on June 17th, the EP features three exquisite bass drops within the Hip Hop and Drum & Bass tempo range.

Hailing from Calgary, Canada, HomeSick is a Red Bull Music Academy alumni. Touring the world as an advocate for Canada's thriving music and art movement, he played at Shambhala, Sonar Music Festival, and Bass Coast among others. Later on, he started to dig into machine learning and AI to implement in his further works. Championed by Boiler Room, this led to support from the Canada Council for Arts and CBC. He then developed 'Isolation Tape' which is an 'AI-powered exploration of liminal spaces'.

Defrostatica Records is a record label based in Leipzig, Germany. With a focus on blurring the lines between conventional concepts of their influences, they publish a mixture of Jungle, Footwork, Juke and Drum & Bass. Rocking an international artist roster, Defrostatica has released music by Sun People, Greazus and Sinistarr amongst many more.

Following up on his 2019 EP 'Burnout 2099', HomeSick continues to bend genre conventions. Somewhere between Dub, Hip Hop and Halftime aesthetics, 'Bolt' rides the wave of pumping basslines and hard-hitting kicks.

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