Frequent’s mindbending new single ‘Grass Rat’

Kieran May |

Upscale’s Frequent has been putting out some serious weight this year with tracks such as ‘Tension Coil, ‘The Goop’ and more recently ‘Forest Fires’ which was covered last month by one of our own.

This time around, we have his new single 'Grass Rat', let's jump in.

Straight away, we’re introduced to some high energy drumwork to set the pace combining the jittery percussion with some huge atmospheres. The constant change in rhythm is undoubtedly bound to throw you off, leaving you wondering which direction the track is going to take.

A very particular drop, as it descends into huge layered neuro basses & long reeses, showing off frequent’s sonic capabilities that would push any sound system to its potential.

The second main section being slightly more syncopated and funky in it’s approach, allowing for the track to break down into a warped, glitchy atmosphere which almost immediately builds up into the final section.

The final section drops into some of the most forward thinking sound design work I’ve heard in a while. We’re introduced to even more glitchy synths and insane switch ups to keep any bass head excited and craving more. Of course, ‘Grass Rat’ slowly breaks down and descends into more experimental sonic work introducing broken, glitched foley which brings it to an end. Stunning work from Frequent.

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