Frequent & Hudson Lee engulf listeners with 'Forest Fires'

Houston Harrelson |

Frequent and Hudson Lee are among two of the most technical producers heading out the scene currently. The duo released their innovative track entitled ‘Windows’ earlier this year which left many begging for more.

Earlier this week the two delivered a hefty second serving with a follow-up piece called ‘Forest Fires.’ Let's discuss.

Leaning on cutting-edge sound design and unearthly atmosphere, the track has a way of fully engaging the listener. As has come to be expected from the collaborators, the piece never becomes stagnant - Constantly flowing from feelings of innate comfort to moments of omniscient wonder. In the early stages of the six minute journey the track seems to be an ethereal ode to soundscapes we’ve come to expect from the duo, with the first drum hit not cracking until nearly a full minute in.

Listeners are then quickly immersed into what can only be described as a massive, distortion-infused sound flex for the remainder of the first section. Sine wave refractions and white noise roll off of one another and rise up in a way that is almost unsettling at first listen.

What unfolds next is what really sets the track apart from many other releases this year. Showing unmatched balance and versatility, the breakdown incorporates ballad-style piano coupled with tethered foley recordings to ease listeners into what is the most awe-inspiring part of the track. The second drop lends heavily on the sound design of the first, but provides a much stronger sense of wonder. The piece closes with modular feedback that submerges under itself while simultaneously returner the listener back to reality.

Forest Fires’ is a nice addition to the arsenal these two artists are creating together and we look forward to hearing more from both of them in the future. If you would like to listen to the track, please follow the link below.

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