Premiere: Frenquency goes overseas on Muti Music

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Utrecht-based rave wizard Frenquency goes overseas with 'Hold Your Horses' on US label Muti Music. Covering his unique melange of Footwork, Juke and rave elements, his 'Aftermath EP' drops tomorrow on May 26th.

Since being four years old, Frenquency had an affinity for all kinds of music. Today that sparkling interest manifested itself in him producing all sorts of electronic sonics. Whether with a focus on the club or outside, his influences are somewhere between Jungle, Rave, Footwork, Tropical Bass, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop. His music has appeared on Black Marble Collective, 4NC¥ and SATURATE! among others.

Hailing from San Francisco, Muti Music is often called the first bass music label in the US as it has been pushing the genre since 2002. Artists releasing on the label represent forward-thinking bass music sounds heard in the global boutique festival circuit. Throughout its runtime, Muti Music has published tracks by HNGVR, KarmasynK and of course the label's founder Dov1.

"In South African English, the word "muti" is used to refer to all sorts of herbal medicine. It is derived from the Zulu/Xhosa word umuthi, meaning "tree," whose root is -thi. In Southern Africa, "muti" and cognates of umuthi are in widespread use in most indigenous African languages as well as in South African English and Afrikaans, which sometimes use "muti" as a slang word for medicine in general, or even as a term for 'good luck'."~ Some words on the label's name

Frenquency's EP on Muti Music and especially 'Hold Your Horses' is full of his signature sonics soaked in rave elements and ever-pushing vibes. Keep an ear open for horse sounds and a quick gallop into the sunset.

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