Kieran May |

Manchester based electronic/beats producer releases his newest EP ‘Under/Over’ which expresses and further carves his sound in the underground world of bass n’ beats. This EP features the perfect combination of bass driven beats, garage & experimental electronic music.


FPPEHT is a personal favourite of mine off the Under/Over EP. Definitely one for the systems. This halftime stomper packs a grimey, minimal bass-line groove contrasting with some beautiful drums & percussion. The wonky melodic synth work throughout perfectly wraps up the track


Loving the creepy experimental vibes and nice use of samples on this one. Huge atmospheres greatly complement the mix of hard hitting drums and distorted square waves. Just enough for any bass head to enjoy.

The Function VIP

Wicked house/garage vibes I didn't know I needed. The carefully crafted grooves and retro synths makes this one a true head-nodder. Again, some really interesting sample work from DFNKT.


Vibes all round on this one, loving the upbeat drums. ‘Www’ showcases a very interesting combination of sounds which include everything from stuttering groovy hats to huge atmospheric pads.

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