A word with AxH

Dan Jones |

AxH has been carving his sound for some time. Following the release of his 'Unleashed' EP with Gremlinz and 'Send 4 The Steppers' with Dayzero, we had a chat about his influences, background story and plans for the future.

Sup mate! Tell us a bit about yourself... who is AxH?

Yo! Thanks for having me. So AxH was initially a side project I created for making Dubstep. I was a jungle producer named Prodigal Son for years, and began experimenting with Dubstep back in 2006. AxH is pronounced “A-X-H”, but the lowercase x always throws people off haha. I grew up listening to punk and hardcore, and I drew a lot of inspiration for the name from those genres, as well as streetwear and sneaker culture collaborations. My initials are AH, and the lowercase x is like a “Me vs. Me” or “I against I” vibe. My own worst enemy. My biggest critic. Mathematics also uses a lowercase x to represent unknown factors. AxH!

It's been a hot minute since your 'Unleashed' EP with Gremlinz, how did you two first meet?

My dude Gremlinz! We had a number of mutual homies in the dnb and dubstep communities, and ended up reaching out to each other on separate occasions as fans of each others’ music. We started chatting and became close friends. We bumped into each other at various shows over the years. I eventually convinced him to make some Dubstep with me, and the rest is history. Maybe some jungle collabs on the way. We shall see. What a G. I’d take a bullet for that dude.

So what's in the pipeline for the rest of 2019?

2018-19 have been the worst and craziest years of my life. Hands down! I’m just getting back to my version of normal and playing shows again.  I haven’t even made beats since October of last year. Just focusing on myself and my health. I had a steady run of releases this year, regardless, so it’s been nice to get feedback and stay in the loop, so to speak. Shit’s been rough! Playing shows again now though and feeling much better in general. I’ll be back on beats eventually. I have a couple more releases lined up, though. More news soon!

What's your favourite track of your own, and why?

Ahhhh great question. I actually have two. My favorite jungle tune of mine is ‘Prodigal Son - Up Dem Rasclaat’ and my favorite Dubstep tune is ‘AxH - Tunnel Through’.  They are both tough and rugged beats that just represent both my styles in their truest forms. If I wanted to present my sound to anyone, these would be the two beats I’d play for them. Funny enough, neither of them are signed.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the industry in this day & age?

Make time for your life. Your family. Your friends. Your significant other. Music can consume you, and you can lose years of your life before you realize it. I got so obsessive and aggravated about creating music it ended up costing me my marriage and numerous health issues. I made it too much of a priority and it ended up causing more harm than help. Have fun with it. Do it because you love it and enjoy it. Things work themselves out when they are balanced properly. Stay humble and learn how to promote yourself in a non-invasive way. Be chill and vibe out.

Any artists inspiring you right now?

Imajika, Inyoka, Korin Complex, Sinistarr, Doctor Jeep, Gremlinz, Tik & Borrow is always inspiring... Sepia, Compa sent some new dubs that are fucking fire... Kial, Max Mudie. So many sick producers right now and heat in my inbox. Love you all! I also love rap and have been obsessing over Troy Ave, MadeinTYO, and Schoolboy Q. Music is life. Big up!

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