Premiere: Angus Green on Uncomfortable Beats' VA

PremieresWritten by Daniel Aagentah on

As part of Uncomfortable Beats' latest compilation titled 'New Beginings', Angus Green comes forth with something rather special. His track, 'Find Out', explores a mellow terrain of eerie pads, zappy strings, and some groovy hip-hop drumwork.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, DJ and producer Angus Green is known for his versatile and genre-bending sets, seamlessly moving through various styles and tempos. His production mirrors this, with recent releases ranging from UK Garage, House, Grime, Hip Hop and Drum & Bass garnering support from the likes of DJ EZ, Jamz Supernova, DJ Brainz and more. Today, we're excited to premiere his track 'Find Out'.

The 'New Beginnings' VA features musical creations from a whopping 17 different electronic beat-makers and vocalists, across 13 tracks. Various genres are blended and mashed together, sticking true to the label’s ethos of audible diversity. You can Stream & Download the 'New Beginnings' VA here.

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