A word with MVRK

Dan Jones |

We had a word with MVRK about his 'Warp Speed' EP on Vandal Records, and his plans for the future.

At the age of 23, MVRK holds an impressive record. With releases on labels such as Proximity, Fraktal, Pseudoscience, and features on the likes of Skankandbass, NeurofunkGrid and District Bass, the hungarian heavyweight shapes an impressive legacy before him, and that's no exception with his new 'Warp Speed' EP on Vandal Records.

You've made quite an imprint so far for your age, how long have you been in the game? Where did it all begin for you?

It began sometime in the late 2000s on our family computer with a borrowed Cubase where I used to don’t put sub bass in tunes because I couldn’t hear it on the computer speakers. Those were the times!

The good days haha. What's the underground music scene like in Hungary, do you play many shows out there?

The scene is still really Budapest-oriented but it’s lovely to see more and more events in the smaller towns as well! Also there are lots of talented young producers so I’d say the future looks bright, keep an eye on the upcoming Hungarian dudes!

What kinds of software/tools are you using when making music?

I’ve been using Ableton Live for a while now and I love it, it’s perfect for laying down ideas quickly and also for really precise and surgical work. I have a in-the-box approach when it comes to sound design, I don’t use anything special really, mostly Serum, the FabFilter bundle, CamelPhat, Trash, etc. but I’m trying to learn the plugins I use in and out.

Your new 'Warp Speed' EP just came out on Vandal Records, amazing job. One thing I love about this release is the level of character that's introduced between all the rigid breaks and distorted sound design, was there anything in this EP you did differently from your normal approach to music?

Thank you! Well of course there are certain nuances that I do differently but that’s more on the sound design stage, I can’t say the approach was any different, it’s more about me developing as a producer. On the other hand I’m trying not to repeat myself so actually I hope the outcome is different in some extent. These days there are more good producers in the game than ever, I think the thing that sets the really good ones apart is the attention to detail, especially in drum and bass which has always been really tech-oriented. I’m just trying to put in as much work as I can until I’m happy with the result.

Couldn't agree more, humble words man! 2020 is around the corner, have you any plans for next year?

Yes of course! This year is not over though, I have some collabs lined up for release in late 2019, I also started working on new solo stuff but I can’t say much about that for now.

I'll keep a lookout for sure. Can you talk about any artists that have been/are inspiring you right now?

There are quite a few, Mefjus has always been a huge inspiration for me, he perfected that attention to detail that I mentioned earlier. I really look up to Alix Perez and Skeptical as well for staying true to a certain sound that they represent but always keeping it interesting. Phace is really inspiring for me right now too. Another highlight for me this year that Kemal is back in the game, I can’t wait for his new stuff.

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