A tribute to Razat

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Portuguese producer Razat sadly passed away recently. If you didn't know Razat, he produced dark, glitchy bass music. He had releases with many of the biggest labels in the scene, namely Division, Saturate, Flexout Audio and he often released independently which gained him a solid following.

Razat inspired many producers with his unique style of production, ecstatic builds & sound design. His music became essential for many DJ’s when compiling a halftime/future bass set due to the unique drops and thickness of his sounds.

We asked if some producers & fans of his music would want to leave a comment about a track which they liked and if it had a impact on them or influenced their own creativity.

Amongst the stellar catalog of unforgettable and forward thinking music, it was hard to pick one track, but for the sake of a tribute it would have to be d:block - it was one of the first tracks I heard by Razat about 2 years ago and it's one that has stuck with me since, and resonated with me in a special way. It's a perfect track for so many situations and environments, whether it's dropping it live in a set or just walking through the streets with headphones on. Also for me it was amazing to discover and support an artist making such great bass music that was from my home country of Portugal, makes me feel proud. - Badjah, Joshua Leece-Carvalho

Razat’s entry for this Stones Throw beat battle is everything, bumped it on repeat the first time I listened. The emotion within the track, and even the little break-beat switch up fits so comfortably. Rest In Peace king.- Neensu, Albert Coleman

Razat was someone who had truly mastered his own sound, I will never not be inspired by his creations.- Aagentah, Danny Jones

d:beat is one of my favourites for sure, I don’t have a particular memory to tie with it but every time I hear it I feel some type of way.- Dylan Daniels

I heard of Razat about 2/3 years ago through d:beat. The track really stuck with me and I followed his music from then, we spoke a bit and shared a similar passion for the same sound which materialised into a couple of tracks which we sadly never finished. He was a great musician and will be missed greatly from the scene. - HØST, Harry Taylor

d:yes is a tune that hasn't left my sets ever since I heard it. Absolute banger. Razat was one of those guys who had such a varied output. It wasn't always for me, but I respected and could have only aspired to have such variation in my own. Rest in peace! - Corrupted, Youniss

He is the best of the raw and powerful halftime, he was a musician who looked further. When I played ’Fuzz’ in the club people screamed and went crazy, they felt something different from traditional electronic music & they loved it. - HNGIN, Youngseung Byeon

My fave Razat tune is 'RepeatRepeatRepeat' - It was the first tune of his I heard, it was when i was really starting to get into bass music and the rhythm completely threw me off and has always stuck with me, forever a fave from a ruthless, relentless and legendary producer. - Klarhk, Ben Clark

Razat was a major contribution to the scene & will be greatly missed. R.I.P dude!

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